Has anyone used a "Charging Order", or "Third Party Debt Order"?

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    Has anyone used a "Charging Order", or "Third Party Debt Order"?

    Hi, has anyone out there used a charging order or third party debt order, to enforce a judgment? Or any other method?

    For those not already familiar with my case, I have managed to get my non-paying tenant evicted and also obtained a money judgment, which she has failed to pay.

    The amount she owes is £7189 (I mis-calculated in my last thread on this).

    I am interested to hear from anyone who has successfully recovered unpaid rent of over £5k, via an enforcement, and how you did it. Thanks.

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  • Less than 50% of freehold
    by raskitt
    I have just started conveyancing for a share of freehold flat. The flat is the ground floor of a converted house.

    I have just found out that the other 2 share of freehold flats are owned by the same person (who originally owned the whole building).

    How much of a problem is...
    29-06-2022, 13:28 PM
  • Reply to Less than 50% of freehold
    by Lawcruncher
    Do you mean that you are buying a leasehold flat with a share of the freehold?...
    29-06-2022, 21:47 PM
  • Reply to Flying freehold
    by pilman
    It is possible that the house was originally a council owned property along with the other houses in the terrace.

    The register of title may show the details of the original transfer deed with a Copy Filed at Land Registry, as may the register of title for the adjacent house that has access...
    28-06-2022, 09:08 AM
  • Flying freehold
    by SouthernDave
    I’m hoping Lawcruncher or other legal minds can comment on this… seen a property to buy, its terraced so there’s a house on both sides, but there is an open walkway through the house to allow access to the rear garden. This also gives access to the immediate neighbours gardens. the ‘alley way...
    15-06-2022, 19:29 PM
  • Reply to Ex Council Garage Land
    by Lawcruncher
    In the case of housing I think it is safe to assume they did own it.

    Whenever local government gets reorganised a lot of land moves between councils by Act of Parliament and without the need for a written document. A change of ownership of unregistered land by statute does...
    27-06-2022, 09:40 AM
  • Ex Council Garage Land
    by Ian Palmer
    Ex Council Garage Land

    Two years ago during lockdown I walked my local area and noticed a piece of land that looked like it had been abandoned. The land was open for anyone to walk into and as I got to the end of the driveway there were two run down sheds/Garages from the 60’s, Asbestos...
    29-01-2022, 11:14 AM
  • Reply to Ex Council Garage Land
    by Another Fine Mess
    And with Councils what they want for land that they own can change as policies alter.
    27-06-2022, 05:08 AM
  • Reply to Ex Council Garage Land
    by Another Fine Mess
    Just because the Council gave the land to the housing association doesn't mean that they owned it in the first place.
    I have rented some land for over 40 years, I checked with the Land Registry recently and another authority are showing some of the land as belonging to them. Which explains why...
    26-06-2022, 15:18 PM
  • Reply to Ex Council Garage Land
    by Ian Palmer
    Hi Lawcruncher, thanks for your comments much appreciated. Well my intentions are to start growing trachycarpus fortunei or (windmill palms) over the next year, the seedlings are already in and sprouting.
    It has taken so long to tidy up the land there is only myself and an occasional help from...
    24-06-2022, 13:04 PM
  • Reply to Ex Council Garage Land
    by Lawcruncher
    If you are in or thinking of going into adverse possession of land it is always a mistake to ask questions about ownership or contact the owner or anyone you think may be the owner. The only thing you should do is to check if the land is registered.

    Here the land is unregistered. So long...
    24-06-2022, 09:59 AM