Polish builders do up flat and claim squatters rights

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    Polish builders do up flat and claim squatters rights

    "Nita Bowers liked her new flat so much she bought it even though two Polish workers were still putting the finishing touches to the property.

    Unfortunately the workers also liked the flat and decided to stay … as squatters... when she came to take possession she found that the locks had been changed and the workers were sitting tight.

    When she complained, they produced a typed note in broken English saying they were claiming squatters' rights.

    She protested, but one of them shouted at her, threatening that she would be imprisoned or fined if she tried to force them out.

    Mrs Bowers applied for a court order, which was due to evict the workers today. But she has lost a month in rental income and has been told by the estate agent that the two men have damaged the property.

    "The bizarre thing is that they were seen driving a BMW. If they're driving that sort of car, they can afford to rent a flat."




    I highlighted this story before you http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forums...ead.php?t=4115


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