Council owned land in rear of garden question.

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  • Council owned land in rear of garden question.

    Fist of all a quick hello to all who reads this-

    My wife and myself are in the process of purchasing a property and busy receiving the various checks on the property from our solicitor.

    On the title deeds we received mention has been made in regard to the last 8ft section of the garden that's not included in the sale and belongs to the council. The council apparently leased this section of land to the current owners at no cost.

    Has anybody came across this before? Would you be concerned about this?
    As per the written part- am I correct in thinking that this is mainly for maintenance? The water and drainage search does not suggest any pipes running there.

    Pictures attached:

    Questions that might get asked:
    * property is sold as freehold
    * property advertised as 68ft garden by estate agents
    * whole of 68ft fenced off
    * red section as per land registry
    * green section fenced off

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        By giving a lease or a licence of the land the Council prevents you acquiring a possessory title to it. If they ever want it back they can bring the lease/liecence to an end and repossess it.

        As a conveyancing solicitor I believe the information given in the post to be useful (provided it relates to property in England & Wales) but I accept no liability except to fee-paying clients.


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          Many thanks for the reply Richard.


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            IMHO I would walk away from this straight away. I really do not like the sound of this at all.

            Sale should be completed in the proper way - or not at all.

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            The answer to above is NO.

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            They cannot have access until you have the money in the bank.
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            In your situation, with the property currently empty, there is no need for a gap between exchange and completion. No reason why you should give the buyer the use of the property for viewings/repairs before completion - complete 24 hours after exchange.
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            If your Nan has got this far then she should be making offers on a new property...
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