Freeholder won't give retrospective consent

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    Originally posted by Playnotwork View Post

    Could somebody please explain Jeffery's last post.
    I am unfortunatly in a similar position. House being sold, no consent for conservatory and freeholder was contacted 8 years ago so cannot take out indemnity insurance. Wondering if i can use anything Jeffery has stated.
    Thought a way round it was to buy the freehold, have but freeholder in no rush to complete

    Jeffrey Shaw is available for (paid for) telephone advice. Phone him on 0114 268 7638 and briefly explain the area you need a conversation about. He will then suggest an amount, give you bank details, you pay, you then have the in depth conversation, and then he will give a summary of the conversation by email.


      I think Playnotwork has paid a fee to buy the freehold title from the Managing agent. ) post no.8 )

      I hope he has some documentation to show he has paid and there is still formality of transferring the freehold title to PNW or to his buyer .

      The freehold title is registered in name of current freeholder at Land Registry and its not something like a book which you buy and get sent to you by post.



        Hi all

        I wonder if anyone can help. Point below relevant to this thread.
        If a landlord accepts service charges (but not ground rent) following becoming aware of a breach have they waived their right to forfeiture?
        Best wishes


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