Newbie needs advice on coach house!

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    Newbie needs advice on coach house!

    Afternoon all,

    My girlfriend and I have just bought a coach house and are due to move in tomorrow. I have already read a couple of threads on this topic but was after a few bits of advice from someone with experience.

    Firstly, is there a rule of thumb for working out how much the neighbours should pay as a contribution towards buildings cover etc? There are 3 garages below us, one is ours, the other 2 are on a 999 year fixed lease to 2 neighbours. If there is a rule, how do people approach this matter. Is it informal or should I write a letter/contract to give to them? Is there a generic template for such a letter/contract?

    Also can I as the building owner stipulate rules for the use of their garages? What I mean by this is, they dont have electricity in their garages so if they wanted to plumb it in could I say no? Also do I have the right to tell them not to drill into walls, paint or alter the structure? As we live above the garages, my main concern is fire and noise, I dont want dodgy electrics plumbed in and music, power tools being used at stupid hours.

    Sorry for the essay but if any of you know the answers to the above please let me know or if you can point me in the right direction for literiture etc it would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks all and kind regards.

    Your post does not let us in on the important info!
    Firstly are you the Freeholder? It sounds very much like you have aquired the freehold reversion when you aquired the lease to the coach house..
    We cannot comment as to what you are and are not, legally allowed to charge ,if you are the freeholder until we know what each lease says you are allowed to do...
    What has your legal adviser advised?


      Hi, sorry about that. We are the freeholders, it is a new build. What we have been told is that we own the whole building including the garages, however 2 of the garages are on a 999 year lease to the other 2 houses. We dont recieve any rent for the garages however we can ask for a contribution towards the building insurance. We have to insure the entire structure because we own it however they have to contribute.

      I called my solicitor today for guidance and they said they would get back to me, again! I have tried to get this information from day 1 but they keep fobbing me off. I asked today wether I would recieve copies of the lease agreement with my copy of the deeds but the solicitors assistant didnt have a clue.

      I will chase them up, but I just wanted some advice in the mean time.

      Thanks for the quick reply!


        OMG! From what you have posted I would have serious missgivings... How do you know that the leases that you havent seen actually require you to repair/improve at your own cost! You might be serious out of pocket.Have the other houses/garages been bought yet?
        It is impossible for anybody to advice until we know all the facts...It might be totally useless/irrelevant advice, and could more than contradict the leases...
        sorry but until you can let us know what the leases say we cannot help.
        Is your solicitor local to you? If he is and if i were in your situation i would pay a visit 1st thing in the morning and i wouldn't leave until i had the information i needed...
        Most solicitors assistants are there to handle clients like you who are wondering why their legal adviser seem to be doing nothing for the exsessive fees they charge...(please this is not directed to the nice ones on this forum!)


          Yeah, Im not massively impressed with the lack of info, and being in the Army means I have been away a lot, hence the last attempt to get some info, lol. The garages are already allocated to the 2 neighbouring houses which are both due legal completion tomorrow as well.

          The only thing that has lessened my concern is that a friend of mine has a coach house and in the past has said that the whole garage and lease issue has never been a problem. He is currently out of country so I cant pick his brain.

          I will get onto my solicitor first thing in the morning and I will be sure to let you know the outcome. I will also gather as much infor as possible and share it on the forum for anyone in the future who might be in the same situation.

          Thanks for the replies, much appreciated!


            Ask to see the leases of the garages and have their terms explained to you - your solicitors should have done this.

            As a conveyancing solicitor I believe the information given in the post to be useful (provided it relates to property in England & Wales) but I accept no liability except to fee-paying clients.


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