Can freehold reversioner built on communal gardens?

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    Can freehold reversioner built on communal gardens?

    Any ideas??
    Purpose built block of 12 leasehold flats. Garden, garages and parking area surrounding them.
    The freeholder, who does not live in the block, has subsequently built himself two pairs of double garages on what was part of the lawn and visitor parking areas of the land surrounding the block.
    Is he entitled to take away part of the commonly used land so that leaseholders now have less lawn area and less visitor parking?
    The site plan has the areas labelled as lawn and visitor parking.
    Any comments welcome.

    No idea mate but I do like the Question,

    Hope to see some replies soon from the more knowledegable/clever
    my answers are for entertainment only, I accept no resposibility for anyone elses actions.
    Regards Karatepaul


      If only one lease gives rights of parking over an area the landlord cannot build on it.


        Planning permission

        The first thing is the need for planning permission for a permanent structure. You would have had a chance to object if this had been applied for.

        Second, check whether he has made any charges related to this development on the service charge. If so, and he did not previously notify you, you may have grounds for recourse.

        Thirdly check if the lease has expressly given permission for changes in use or such like. I bet it has not!

        If you want to find a specialist lawyer and ask some questions, you can find them at
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