Can I claim a derelict property?

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    Can I claim a derelict property?

    I seem to remember someone adding to a thread here, something about waiting to claim an empty property, or something like that. I've looked through lots of threads but can't seem to find it. Anyone got any idea how this works, as I've spotted a nice (when I say nice, I mean has excellent potential once some money has been spent on it ) house that has clearly been abandoned.

    Wasn't this about an initiative whereby local councils were going to crack down on empty properties, as opposed to Joe Public wandering along and saying 'Mm, looks abandoned; I think I'll have that!'? Could be wrong.

    Anyway your first step would be to go to where for £2 you can find out instantly who the registered owner is.


      What you should take into account is come the new housing act 2004, local authorities can place EDMO's (empty dwelling property orders) on owners of empty properties whereby they can be made to bring them back into use with the approval of residential property tribunals (RPT).


        Richie I have an eBook on this, some useful info inside all of the usual eBook "easy money" propaganda . PM me your email address if you want it.

        However I think the most important thing for you to note is, if I remember rightly from the info I read, you cannot claim any property for at least 10 years. And the law has changed with regards to this, as after ten years you apply to claim the property, but now the claim only goes through if the actual owner does not object to the claim.....when is that going to happen! lol
        Any posts by myself are my opinion ONLY. They should never be taken as correct or factual without confirmation from a legal professional. All information is given without prejudice or liability.


          Thanks for the replies.

          Someone mentioned something alluding to waiting to become an owner oif a property on here somewhere. I may have read between the lines incorrectly.

          I don't suppose it was ever going to be simple. I think the Land Registry suggestion is a good start and I'll make the owner offer.

          Mr Shed, PM on its way.


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