Long delays with Land Registry, what can be done?

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    Originally posted by pilman View Post
    If you mean to transfer part of your 50% to your wife the deed of assignment will be valid as soon as you sign the the deed and have it witnessed.
    Just to clarify... When I signed the deed and had it witnessed, the date on the deed was blank. So I'm guessing I should find out from the solicitor when the deed was dated and this is the date you refer to?


      Originally posted by Madmax86 View Post
      I didn't want to do the transfer on the title level in case I wanted to change it in future.
      Can you expand on that?


        I didn't want to define the split in the deeds. If I want to change it in future, it's easier to do without going through LR.


          Originally posted by pilman View Post
          Surely if a transfer deed has been completed then the ownership had already been transferred into joint names as from the date shown on the deed.

          The other date on which it can be shown that ownership changed hands would be the date when Land Registry received the application from your solicitor, as that will be the date shown eventually when registration is completed. Although there will also be a reference to when the transfer was dated.

          Your solicitor who probably uses electronic application will be able to confirm when the application was made.
          The example below is from a current Register of title that shows the relevant dates.

          That is confirmation that the application to register the new owners was received on 7th February after the deed was executed on 19th January.

          There is no indication as to how long it took Land Registry to complete the paperwork received with the application, as that is inconsequential, so you need not be worried by the time taken to deal with your application.

          Update to this thread, I've now received my confirmed title doc from Land Registry due to persuading my solicitor to expedite the case with LR. I got it done the following day!

          Pilman you are 100% correct, there is no mention of the date it was confirmed by LR, only the registration date, which was in January! My solicitor had dated the TR1 form and submitted it that same day. So I could have done the deed of assignment any day since then!

          Another example of solicitors getting things wrong.

          Hopefully this post is useful for others wanting to do similar.


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