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    I think you may be up against the law of limitation here.

    As to any action against the previous owner, the time limit is six years, so any claim against them is ruled out.

    As to the surveyor, the time limit is a bit more complicated. The time limit for professional non-medical negligence is (a) six years or (b) three years from the date you have sufficient knowledge that you have a right to sue if the period expires later than six years, though no claim can be made after fifteen years.

    Before considering if you are out of time, there is obviously the question of whether you have the basis of a claim. I was never a litigator, but the following points occur to me. First, the survey mentions possible rising damp. That may be enough for the surveyor to defeat the claim. Secondly, after the lapse of time and without the assistance of the previous owner, it is going to be difficult to show what the position was when the surveyor inspected which leaves the argument that the situation has since got worse.

    As to the time limit, the six year period has expired. That means that you need to prove that you only became aware of the problem within the last three years.(or to be precise not more than three years before you issue proceedings). From what you say that does not seem to be the case.It is going to be difficult to persuade a court otherwise because of the nature of the problem.

    Given the above, I think that the suggestion that you should forget legal action and concentrate on sorting out the problem has to be a wise one. Bear in mind that the surveyor does not need technical advice and that his legal costs will be covered by his professional insurance. You can by all means get advice from a solicitor specialising in professional negligence, but these days solicitors seem to want 400 pounds just to open the door. I think any sound advice is going to be that the chance of success is somewhat less than 50%. Apart from that, any legal action is, apart from being prohibitively expensive if you lose, going to be drawn out and stressful and best avoided with your medical condition.

    I think that what you should do is get the problem sorted out with a full report from the builder. You can then write to the surveyor with the report asking for the cost of repair to be refunded. If you are lucky you may get a contribution if you persist. You should at the very least insist on a refund of the survey fee.


      thank you so very much Lawcruncher for your advice. you really are so kind to take the time going in to so much detail
      and also thank you everyone else. what a wonderful site. really makes me feel so much better.
      l have to mention also, makes me laugh out loud every time l read,...... " you are waffling again Ronald"


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      • Reply to Joint ownership swap on properties
        by Gordon999
        If one of the 50:50 properties happens to be the "private residence" of other family member , you should allow in the swap that he receives the other 50% of the private residence ( to make up 100% ownership.)

        Private residence is relevant after property sale for claiming...
        16-05-2022, 08:41 AM
      • Joint ownership swap on properties
        by space cowboy
        We have several rented out properties which we have inherited and have been left in Joint 50/50 ownership with another family member, We want to continue renting out but the other family member wants to sell his share.

        We have been told by our accountant we can swap properties of even value...
        13-05-2022, 14:16 PM
      • Reply to Carpeting Breach on purchase
        by AndrewDod
        I'd probably pull out if you don't want to carpet it....
        15-05-2022, 18:21 PM
      • Carpeting Breach on purchase
        by Stevo h
        we are on the final stages of purchasing a flat which was purpose built 3 years ago by a prestige developer to a high standard with lift nice kitchen fancy doors and windows.
        When reading the lease we noticed that it mentions about bedroom and hallway needed to have underlay and...
        13-05-2022, 09:42 AM
      • Reply to Carpeting Breach on purchase
        by Stevo h
        So basically I cannot fight it without paying a big bill.
        so only choice is to pull out and face a big bill or pay for carpets Overton of nice flooring and paying again to have two doors trimmed.
        Tototally frustrated....
        15-05-2022, 17:14 PM
      • Reply to Carpeting Breach on purchase
        by Stevo h
        Looks like all 20 properties were sold without a single person realising that the flooring was wood and not ├žarpet meaning every one was in breach of their lease from the start.
        And the developer who still owns properties there and is registered as the company running the show Newmans Yard Ltd,...
        15-05-2022, 16:58 PM
      • Reply to Carpeting Breach on purchase
        by AndrewDod
        So you considered the contract that was being sold to you
        Accepted it
        Accepted a cash offer to make good and a rebate on purchase price

        It is not a "bizarre" thing

        > would the land lord need to take enforcement action against the whole 20 owners if...
        15-05-2022, 11:41 AM
      • Reply to Carpeting Breach on purchase
        by Stevo h
        After I noticed it and pointed it out the seller contacted her solicitor and the while can of worms opened,
        the seller hit a brick wall with all her attempts of getting answers and finally offered a cash offer for us to complete the work.
        But I am not really keen on having doors trimming...
        15-05-2022, 11:29 AM
      • Reply to Carpeting Breach on purchase
        by AndrewDod
        So when was the lease changed? You would have bought the lease from someone else. Leases don't just secretly change at the point of purchase. Nor do they change when the freeholder is changed.

        Yes I can see on the photographs the wooden floors in their sales pack.

        Why did your...
        15-05-2022, 08:57 AM
      • Reply to Carpeting Breach on purchase
        by Stevo h
        We only signed 1 lease.
        15-05-2022, 08:24 AM