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    Membership Certificate?

    Hi All,

    Sorry if this question was already addressed previously.

    I hold a leasehold property back in years ago and I am now planning to sell my property.

    What comes to my mind is that when I have a look of the previous LPE1 / M&A there was mentioned a Membership Certificate of the Management Company should have been issued to me, through my conveyancing solicitor. I don't re-call I received any of this.

    The Management Company is a limited company by guarantee without shares thus I believe there shall be no share certificate. I have retrieved a copy of the Notice of Transfer prepared by my solicitor and acknowledged by the managing agent at that time.

    Will there be any implication to my sales if I am unable to retrieve my membership certificate, if at all it exists?

    Do we usually request (and pay for) a replacement certificate from the management company?

    Grateful if you can enlighten me.....many thanks

    You should ask your management company if any certificate was issued .



      I have now heard back from the management agent who is also the secretary of the management company that, they were not the secretary at the time I became the owner and was not passed over details from previous agents.

      They asked me to fill in a membership application form for my details to be updated in their register and be issued with a membership certificate.

      Is there anything I need to take note of, before completing the application form ?

      Many thanks


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