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    Notice of Transfer to management company


    I am in the process of completing a Transfer of Equity for a leasehold property. I'm not using a conveyancer because there is no mortgage on the property and it's a transfer by way of gift (effectively just adding on names to title deeds) so no stamp duty considerations etc.

    However, I am having a little difficulty in requesting a Certificate of Compliance from the management company. Initially they only wanted to deal with a solicitor but they have now relented and have requested a legal Notice of Transfer to be sent over. Unfortunately, I can't find any reliable templates for such a notice online at all! I understand that it is essentially to inform them of the new tenant details and can be drafted up in Word, but I don't really want to make any mistakes. As such, I wonder if there is anyone may have received such a notice and would be so kind as sharing an example of the format? Or any conveyancers who could advise?

    Thanks very much.

    To [insert name of landlord]

    Property: [insert postal address of property]

    I give you notice that by a transfer dated [insert date] made between [insert name of transferor] (1) and [insert name of transferees] (2) the above property comprised in a lease dated [insert date] made between [insert names of parties] was transferred to [insert name of transferees] for the residue of the term granted by the lease.


    [your signature]
    [type your name]

    For and on behalf of the transferees


    Before sending the notice let us see the exact wording of the clause in the lease which requires notice in case there is anything else you need to be doing.


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