LPE 1 Form - Freeholder refusing to sign

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  • nomadiclord
    started a topic LPE 1 Form - Freeholder refusing to sign

    LPE 1 Form - Freeholder refusing to sign

    Hi all, found this post from a few years ago - https://forums.landlordzone.co.uk/fo...tors-questions

    I am on the verge of selling my property and to cut a long story short, the freeholder's solicitor has retired and stopped responding to my solicitor. He shut his firm as well. So I tracked the freeholder down and gave him the LPE 1 form. He is refusing to sign it without speaking to his retired solicitor and clearly wants money. This has been ongoing since October.

    We are in a chain and are moving to get our son in a school and are on a tight timescale. So my understanding on options are:
    1: We give him 7 days to sign or threaten legal action
    2: Offer a discount to our buyer to purchase the freehold (lease is 150+ years)

    What other options are on the table? Understand that the LPE1 is not required by law, just the lender in some cases?

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