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    Purchase of freehold

    Hi All,

    I own a 2 bed ground floor flat in a converted Victorian house (2 flats in total) that i have a long lease of 167yrs. I currently pay a ground rent of £160, a service charge of £400 and a insurance premium of £800!

    I have spoken to the owner of the flat above and she is not really interested in either buying the freehold or looking into a Right to manage situation, so my question is can i do either without her consent or is there some other way for me to get the fees reduced?

    Any help would be hugely welcomed.

    Thank you

    I would check how long is downstairs lease.
    and then would run the estimated costs freehold on lease calculator.
    And go from there.


      It requires both flats in a building with 2 flats ) to participate in compulsory freehold purchase. See last sentence in section 2 in the free guide.


      If the buildings insurance is £800 per flat, you are probably over charged by a lot , Does other flat pay £160 p.a ground rent like you do ?

      As leaseholder, you have the right to make a written request by recorded delivery for a summary of the "buildings insurance cover" and get the information within 30 days ,or failing this , it becomes a criminal offence. This summary of insured cover will give the "insured cover " for reinstatement of your building and you can use this same insured cover to obtain quotes for same cover from 3 other insurance companies. Then you can ask the freeholder to change to cheaper insurance company.

      If you don't mind pay the entire cost of the freehold yourself, you could make voluntary offer at say 20 x the ground rent for both flats. Or you could ask her to sign and you pay her share now and she agrees to pay you back over 5 years ( because she does not pay ground rent ) . .


        Thanks for the replies, so I've had a quick look online to. See how long the lease is on the other flat, she seems to have about 63yrs remaining so the cost to try a purchase the freehold myself is a no go.

        I will write and request the insurance info and try and go down that route. Is there anything in particular I need to ask for or is it just the above?

        Thank you for your help


          If you find alternative companies are quoting much lower insurance premium, you can ask the current broker to declare how much commission has been paid and then you consider making application to FTT for judgement on the reasonable cost of the buildings insurance. ,

          I think your current service charge seems very low and if you reduce the insurance cost, you may find the service charge goes up.


            Hi, I thought it was a little high considering its two flat with a tiny hallway shared that hasn't been maintained since I've owned.

            I guess I can only try, if I do nothing then I'm letting them get away with over charging on the insurance. £1500 for insurance for the two flats seems crazy.

            Thanks for helping


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