Documentation for renovations on share of freehold flat

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    Documentation for renovations on share of freehold flat

    We are a first floor flat, share of freehold with the ground floor flat. We both have a 999 year lease. In 2014 we did a loft conversion. We had a party wall agreement with the other share of freeholder flat, planning permission and it has all been signed off by building control. However, should we wish to sell, what else needs to be in place?
    do we need to amend the Deed and do we pay for this or share the cost with the other freeholder?
    Did we need a formal licence to alter document, or is the party wall agreement sufficient?
    Thank you

    Since it was all agreed with co Freeholder then I would think all that you might have to do is amend the deed if it needs amending.

    It seems to me co Freeholder has been helpful without any benefit so I can't see any justification in expecting any contribution.


      I think you should not ask the other freeholder to pay or share any costs for your loft conversion.

      You should consult a solicitor with your lease and ask if any addition is required for including the loft


        Thank you for your responses. We will consult w lawyer to have the Deed updated with the new floor plan.


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          Thank You for Your reply
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          You need to ask your conveyancing solicitor ( a local to the property) to explain how to understand and remove the fee farm rent ?

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          Just a quick follow up. When you say they have title do you mean they can claim adverse possession?
          if they have already been granted the rights in deed from years ago how could they now now claim its their land.
          Sorry if I am missing something it just confuses the heck out of me.
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