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    Dispute with neighbours

    Freehold is owned by RMC. A leasehold is in dispute with the RMC over alleged breach of lease by RMC.

    Someone selling has been asked if she has any dispute with neighbours. Owning a share of the freehold will this be classed as a dispute for her ?

    If the question on the SPIF was answered correctly by stating that one of the owners of a leasehold property owned by the freeholder is claiming that the terms of their lease has been breached and that the person now selling a different leasehold property has a share in the freehold, it would be up to the prospective buyer to decide whether to proceed.

    It could also be confirmed whether the share in the freehold is to be transferred with the leasehold property, or will only be transferred once the dispute with the freeholder is resolved.

    That would mean the prospective buyer of a leasehold property will not be involved in any dispute.

    In some respects owning a share in a freehold means that here are a number of named owners who own the title jointly.
    That is not a share in a freehold, unless each named person is allocated a defined share percentage.

    If you are referring to a share in a limited company that is the registered freeholder than that shareholder is not in dispute with anyone. The company is.


      Yes. But regardless the freeholder /ma will be asked the same so would be foolish to try to hide it.


        Thanks Pilman for such a clear and helpful response. It is a Company with shares transferred on sale.
        thanks 20z for your additional comment.
        Its for someone else. I believe in being completely open then there can be no comeback.


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          Just a quick follow up. When you say they have title do you mean they can claim adverse possession?
          if they have already been granted the rights in deed from years ago how could they now now claim its their land.
          Sorry if I am missing something it just confuses the heck out of me.
          24-09-2020, 00:35 AM
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          Thank you Lawcruncher, apologies as I do tend to over complicate things.

          yes the property once being landlocked is now no doubt irrelavant, I was just trying to show why there is half a kitchen on this land lol.

          the blue part is where the neighbouring properties back door is....
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          Sorry for the deal in replying, but your last post did not come to my attention when you made it.

          The top plan shows the boundary of No 1 as shown at HM Land Registry?

          The middle plan shows in red what No 1 occupies?

          I am not clear why No 1 uses the land shown...
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          by pilman
          When a leaseholder buys the freehold the lease does not automatically get merged into the freehold.

          In modern times an application would have to be made to Land Registry to cancel the leasehold title, otherwise the leasehold title continues to exist even though the freeholder is the same...
          23-09-2020, 16:18 PM
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