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    Problems selling leashold flat

    Dear readers , could anyone please recommend me what shall I do now ?
    i was selling my leasehold flat to buy another freehold house with garden as I’m having 3 kids and I really wanted them to play in the garden. I accepted offer on my flat and same my offer being accepted for freehold house.
    The process started .my LEASEHOLD FLAT: The buyer solicitor asked my solicitor to send lease paperwork.
    my solicitor scanned & sent leasehold paper but forgot to send some of the pages. The buyer solicitor asked to send the missing pages and this time my solicitor emailed them new missing papers but the buyer solicitor found that there is difference between the papers colors and also the papers show extra plan within this lease. ( my solicitor messed up leasehold papers and sent to the buyer solicitor two different kind of lease ) buyer solicitor asked to clarify where did you get these lease papers from but our solicitor didn’t reply and then she contacted HMLR , told about the issue and asked to send leasehold papers. HMLR sent papers and also asked my solicitor to send both leasehold copies so we can compare and find where the problem is but my solicitor ignored that part and forward the hmlr email to buyer solicitor and Also mentioned that we do not hold the original lease or certified copy.
    this time buyer solicitor asked my solicitor that HMLR asked you to send both copies so they can compare? and the lease you sent us previously was stamped with land registery officials copy.Also asked that we need to sort out this issue so if you can approach freeholder and rectify it but my solicitor responded this time that we will provide indemnity insurance.
    this time the buyer pulled out and refused to buy as the process got complex and so we missed to buy our ideal detached house as well. It was really painful as we had good bargain.
    now after 3 months our genius solicitor billed us to pay her £2100in total for her legal works and disbursements.
    our flat is still on market and the Sale file is still open solicitor.
    Engagement depicts that solicitor may charge some portion of fee if completion not happens.
    Failed to sell our flat
    failed to buy ideal house
    already spent around 2000 for doing different property and drains etc surveys.
    already paid £200+ 550 on account to our solicitors
    and now again solicitor asks to pay more coz they failed to sell our flat and buy our house .
    any help and comments really appreciates.

    Usually conveyancing solicitors will agree to reduce their bill if the buyer pulls out of the sale. You can ask for a reduction and hope it can be agreed. .


      Bit too late for you but always get a fixed price for abortive work. Most solicitors will oblige if they want your work.


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        The first words used in that clause confirm that the land sold off in 1935 was no longer liable to pay any part of the fee farm rent because the seller accepted full responsibility to pay all of the rent, because he was continuing to retain the remainder of the land that was subject to the fee farm...
        26-09-2020, 11:45 AM
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        I made an offer on a 1 bed house which was accepted. I was sure it's freehold. Now I need to sign reservation agreement and found in document something like that.
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        This register contains any charges and other matters that affect the land.
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      • Reply to Fee farm rent in " Freehold" house
        by Lawcruncher
        A fee farm rent is another name for a rentcharge. Despite the word "rent" appearing no tenancy is involved. The rent is also charged on other land. The intention back in 1935 was that the seller would continue to pay the whole of the charge.

        What you need to do is enquire if the...
        24-09-2020, 23:30 PM
      • Reply to Fee farm rent in " Freehold" house
        by zywiec
        Thank You for Your reply
        It look like that there is possibility to buy out fee farm rent ( to be confirmed by conveyancing solicitor). Do You have any idea estimated cost of buying out grount rent ? 108f a year at this moment.
        What's is Your view on house with ground rent?
        Has it...
        24-09-2020, 22:40 PM
      • Reply to Fee farm rent in " Freehold" house
        by Gordon999
        You need to ask your conveyancing solicitor ( a local to the property) to explain how to understand and remove the fee farm rent ?
        24-09-2020, 20:52 PM
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        Apologies in advance if this has been addressed previously I am a novice here so please do point me to the post.

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        I think that is something that the conveyancer who acted on your purchase should explain....
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        Hi There,
        If you have two adjoining properties with a conveyance of land that state:
        ALL THAT messuage or dwellinghouse and garden with the rights easements and appurtenances
        thereto belonging situate at (removed address)

        With regards to the appurtenances, are they shared?...
        13-09-2020, 18:45 PM
      • Reply to Pre-Registraton Deed Wording Any Advice?
        by Lawcruncher
        If your land is unregistered, when you sell part of land comprised in a conveyance you have to keep the conveyance or you will not be able show title to the land you retain. A "memorial" or " memorandum" of a conveyance or other document is a note endorsed on (or if there is no space...
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      • Reply to Pre-Registraton Deed Wording Any Advice?
        by first timer 123
        Just a quick follow up. When you say they have title do you mean they can claim adverse possession?
        if they have already been granted the rights in deed from years ago how could they now now claim its their land.
        Sorry if I am missing something it just confuses the heck out of me.
        24-09-2020, 00:35 AM