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    Freehold purchase

    Purchasing the freehold for my property being a house with gardens and garage.

    The current leasehold title is part of a larger title plan for the area.

    A TP1 is provided by the council selling the freehold with all the details filled-in except signatures.

    I have a AP1 form and uncertain on 4 issues.

    (2) Here is it the leasehold title written or title plan number, or both.

    (3) As the leasehold title is part of the larger title plan, should I mark 'part of the title' box

    (4) I take it as the land ownership is being transferred, should the application be written as a 'Transfer', the 'price paid' is the cost of the actual land (freehold) of £600.00 and the 'fee' of £40 according to Scale 2.

    (14) In the first box I take it the seller being the 'transferor' (the council), and as their conveyancer's name is unknow it is marked as 'none'.

    In the second box below I take it is myself as the 'transferee', and as I am doing this myself again it is marked as 'none'.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    You need to get the site plan for your house separated from the adjacent houses before you can start. It should be the seller side which does this work


      I have both the leasehold title plan showing my property and its boundaries and the larger title plan of the area/village showing all the properties and their titles..


        The Land Registry - blog has solved a lot of issues in completing the paperwork.


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