Search Fee. Was I ripped off.

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    Search Fee. Was I ripped off.

    I made an offer on a house.which was accepted. The Estate Agent recommended "their" Conveyancing Firm and I asked if it was "No Sale No Fee" and they said yes.
    Anyway the Conveyancing Firm rang me and I paid a £50 deposit.

    They then wanted another £350 to start the searches etc. which I paid.

    As it only costs £6 with the Land Registry to download the plan of the property and the deed details I also did this myself.
    I noticed that the Plan did not include the garage which had been built alongside the house. All the surrounding houses with garages had the garages shown correctly.
    Further enquiries with the Council planners showed that Planning Permission had never been submitted for the Garage.
    In the deeds there were conditions in that if anyone wanted to build something they had to ask the original owners of the land for permission.

    I pulled out of the purchase. I feel that their charge of £400 for a "Search Pack" was excessive.
    Plus it was me that noticed that the Garage was missing from the LR plan and I had to point it out to the Conveyancer.
    OK they suggested that I could apply for Retrospective Planning Permssiion also pay for Indemnity Insurance for defective Title But it would have meant spending more money.

    I feel that I should be due a "Refund" as all they did was get the LR searches back.

    Although when they say "No sale no fee" it isent "No Purchase no Fee"

    The solicitors may have done a local search, water search and so-called environmental search. Ask for a disbursement bill.


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