Current Sales (In Progress but not Exchanged)

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    Current Sales (In Progress but not Exchanged)


    Is there anyone on here who has actual experience of what is going on with current sales? IE, if you are ready to exchange and complete in about 7 days. Are Solicitors actively making checks to find out if a transaction 'can not' be temporarily delayed? Or are some Solicitors allowing transactions to complete if their client insists?

    I think one of the big problems is removals. I read online about one company who would still do removals but only in a short chain. I think if you can show that you can arrange removals and all parties are willing you could possibly still move, with all parties agreement - but its a bit risky.

    We are quite near to exchange on a house for my daughter and we are hoping that the first restriction to be lifted will be on house moves. We are waiting a few weeks to see what happens, but the longer it goes on the more the pressure builds.

    Its a really tough place to be


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