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    RFR deceased owner

    My dear old mum passed away last year leaving her flat to be sold as part of the estate. the flat was the top floor of three in the building and she owned the freehold (including garden, garage etc) as well as the lease on her flat. there was 50 odd years left on the lease. given that she was a landlord living on the premises until she passed away and the property is for sale as a package of freehold and flat together as disposal of her assets do we have to give RFR to the leaseholders of the other two flats?

    RFR does not apply to some landlords. These include most housing authorities such as councils, housing associations, charitable housing trusts and certain resident landlords.

    An exempt resident landlord is one who lives in the building and where two conditions apply
    1. The building is not a purpose built block, for example a converted house, which has been converted into flats since its original construction and
    2. the landlord genuinely lives in the building as his only or principal residence and has done so for more than 12 months

    If the leasehold flat has only 50 years unexpired remaining , it should be given a statutory 90 years lease extension before putting on the market for sale or the buyer cannot get a mortgage and seller cannot get the highest sale price.

    The sale is not by a resident landlord, its by the executor . Better to send an enquiry to the legal advisor at LEASE .


      Go to a really good solicitor not some conveyancing bucketshop where your work will be handled by someone less than an expert. I think given that the executors are seized of both the freehold and a fifty year lease they can extend the leasehold interest by simple deed, transferring years to the lease from the freehold. There is no consideration hence no stamp, no chargeable disposal and in so doing no RFR. Ive done exactly this manoeuvre and it seems to work. You then have a full length lease to stick on the market. Once you have sold the long lease get your solicitor to serve notice of sale by auction on each of the leaseholders (section 5b of the landlord and tenant act 1987) then consign the freehold for sale by auction.


        Or do you retain the freehold as a future investment, and sell that top floor flat as leasehold (with a decent length lease, of course)?

        Can always speak to the three (?) leaseholders to offer the freehold in a couple of years' time.


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        • Reply to Purchase of freehold
          by Gordon999
          It requires both flats in a building with 2 flats ) to participate in compulsory freehold purchase. See last sentence in section 2 in the free guide.


          If the buildings insurance is £800 per flat, you are probably...
          10-08-2020, 18:00 PM
        • Purchase of freehold
          by Drewcole
          Hi All,

          I own a 2 bed ground floor flat in a converted Victorian house (2 flats in total) that i have a long lease of 167yrs. I currently pay a ground rent of £160, a service charge of £400 and a insurance premium of £800!

          I have spoken to the owner of the flat above and...
          10-08-2020, 15:16 PM
        • Reply to Purchase of freehold
          by Anna1985
          I would check how long is downstairs lease.
          and then would run the estimated costs freehold on lease calculator.
          And go from there.
          10-08-2020, 17:52 PM
        • Reply to Documentation for renovations on share of freehold flat
          by Basecamp
          Thank you for your responses. We will consult w lawyer to have the Deed updated with the new floor plan....
          08-08-2020, 09:16 AM
        • Documentation for renovations on share of freehold flat
          by Basecamp
          We are a first floor flat, share of freehold with the ground floor flat. We both have a 999 year lease. In 2014 we did a loft conversion. We had a party wall agreement with the other share of freeholder flat, planning permission and it has all been signed off by building control. However, should we...
          06-08-2020, 10:45 AM
        • Buying house with sitting tenant
          by carolem
          Residential house for sale with tenant holding over. AST for 6 months granted by letting agents of current owner in November 2019. Since it expired tenant been holding over and paying rent etc. As a potential purchaser who wants to buy it as investment with tenant in situ are there any issues for me...
          07-08-2020, 13:20 PM
        • Reply to Buying house with sitting tenant
          by Section20z
          Be wary of such a recently let property being offered for sale as an investment.
          It's common practice to put a 'tenant' in at a nice return to make a sale (higher sale price).
          Check demand and comparable area rents carefully.
          07-08-2020, 16:49 PM
        • Reply to Buying house with sitting tenant
          by theartfullodger
          That vendr is selling with tenant may indicate he can;t evict (usually higher price/easier sale if vacant).

          As tenant (yes tenant, what vendor or agent or solicitor state may be perhaps not trustworthy..) when they 1st moved in.

          If early enough, regardless of any shiny new...
          07-08-2020, 14:00 PM
        • Reply to Buying house with sitting tenant
          by jpucng62
          Firstly this is not a 'Sitting Tenant' - that refers to a tenant protected under a regulated tenancy and is a very different kettle of fish! This tenant has a Periodic Tenancy.

          Assuming they want to stay I would be looking to sign a new tenancy agreement on completion and issuing all new...
          07-08-2020, 13:27 PM
        • Problems selling leashold flat
          by James54321
          Dear readers , could anyone please recommend me what shall I do now ?
          i was selling my leasehold flat to buy another freehold house with garden as I’m having 3 kids and I really wanted them to play in the garden. I accepted offer on my flat and same my offer being accepted for freehold house....
          02-08-2020, 14:35 PM