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    Is this document sufficient?

    In the past when I have needed deeds, the LR and my conveyancing solicitor have told me that they either lost the document or it was destroyed.. Thus causing additional stress while trying to sell property

    Consequently, I was advised to always keep a copy of the deeds myself

    Well having recently purchased/completed on a house, I contacted my conveyancing solicitor for a copy of the deeds.

    However they have gotten back to me with a document entitled 'Completion of Registration'

    The docuent appears to be a LR doc and it contains info such as the sellers solicitor, the titile number and owner

    It is three pages long and I what i wanted to know is whether this is the deeds?

    If not, should I put in another request for the document?

    Contact the solicitor and explain what has happened in the past. Tell him you want now the originals or copies of anything significant that might get lost or destroyed.


      When I registered some land 3 years ago LR didn't return the deeds, if I hadn't taken a copy they would have been lost forever. This may not always have been the case as I do have deeds for some other registered properties I've bought. Definitely worth asking about it but my understanding is that LR think their register is proof of ownership so deeds are no longer required.


        You can buy a copy of the property title and site plan from Land Registry Online for £3 each by credit card and download the information.

        This information record , held by Land Registry , will show the property title number , property address, freehold or leasehold and name(s) of the current title holder. If it shows your name, then you know it is correct.


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          Thanks Pilman.

          Our only desire is to erect a fence/wall along the edge of the land (flush with the wall that lies along our current boundary). We do not wish to build anything else on the land.

          Yes this is correct. So the red edging of our deeds would not be modified?...
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          There will always be a freeholder who was the named Lessor when the leases of each flat were created.
          There will not always be a management company if the freeholder retains control of his own property.

          I would have thought that knowing who the owner is can be ascertained from the...
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          Thank you Lawcruncher.

          As mentioned, if the sale was to include the grass strip, we would not be applying to have the strip included in our curtilage; as you mention, this is likely to be problematic. This is what I meant by chopping the land up; the grass strip is excluded from our curtilage...
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          by Lawcruncher
          "Grass strips" can be a bit of a problem. Even if you can show title to them the Land Registry may still exclude them from the red edging on the title plan. That is not conclusive that the strip is not part of the adjoining property as the red edging only shows the general boundary.
          09-07-2020, 08:43 AM