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    Building service management as a Ltd co

    We are a block of four flats that bought the freehold last year. I own one of the flats and took the responsibility to manage the building and have dropped the service fees from 10k to 7k because of how inefficient the previous service managers were.

    i was asked by the neighbouring share of freehold buildings to also manage their building and I could charge a certain management fee, and will overall reduce their bill and get better local suppliers, building insurance etc

    My question is: I’d like to setup a Ltd company and manage the neighbours buildings for a certain fee. do i need to have any specific qualifications for that? Do I need to be legally approved as a surveyor or rics etc , or am I able to service the building thru my company with no qualifications?

    many thanks!

    You need to belong to a property management redress scheme, of which there are two.

    There is talk of introducing qualifications, but none are currently required.

    You should ensure you have a good understanding of the RICS Service Charge Residential Management Code, Health and Safety and Landlord and Tenant law.

    Obviously you need to know when you are out of your depth, and need to call in a qualified person.


      Thanks leaseholder64!


        found this - hope it helps -


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        • Reply to Freehold enfranchisement
          by shaltout
          Thanks, LIP,

          I may agree with you if developers are well known, creditworthy and ready to provide answers to basic due diligence questions.

          There is also the unknown risks one could be exposed to which are endless.

          I'm actually actively thinking of selling the...
          23-02-2020, 13:22 PM
        • Freehold enfranchisement
          by shaltout
          I bought the leasehold of an ex-council flat in a block of 12 units, my lease term has 95 years remaining.

          I and the other leaseholders have been approached by an investor/ developer to arrange to buy the freehold of the block from the council on behalf of the leaseholders, pay legal fees,...
          21-02-2020, 14:53 PM
        • Original Lease Unavailable
          by wolvaughan
          I’m currently selling a shared ownership property, the buyer is purchasing the whole flat and I’ll be staircasing to 100% on the day of sale.

          The Buyer wants an original copy of my lease, nobody has one but the Land Registry does have a copy with a red lined title plan.
          03-02-2020, 12:29 PM
        • Reply to Original Lease Unavailable
          by Lawcruncher
          What was dematerialised was the register. The register, both before and after dematerialisation, is the title to the property. The original documents cannot, and never could, be used to prove title, but that does not mean they cannot be produced in evidence in a case which does not involve proving title....
          23-02-2020, 08:54 AM
        • Reply to selling of property question
          by Protoknight25
          Provided your name is on the title register has an owner (registered proprietor) any sale of the property would need your involvement.

          The property belongs to you (in part) and you need to sign any papers transferring the property. Any solicitor buying or selling such property, would...
          23-02-2020, 08:20 AM
        • selling of property question
          by Bill31
          If a sibling was to sell a property and my names was on the deeds, can they sell it without me knowing?
          or would the solicitor pick up on this and advise them another person is on the deeds?
          26-11-2019, 07:07 AM
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          by beccajohnson
          I am undergoing the remortgage of a property purchased in a company name

          As part of the process the solicitor has informed me that the lender wants me to obtain 'Independant legal advice' from another solicitor. The 'independant solicitor would have to sign off on a related document too....
          31-01-2020, 14:08 PM
        • Reply to Where does one find a solicitor that can provide Independant Legal Advice?
          by Protoknight25
          Reason a lot of them do not like offering independent legal advice, as it is more liability than a consultation, but far less profitable than a full transaction.

          I know a chap in central London you can do it for £400 plus VAT....
          23-02-2020, 08:16 AM
        • Reply to Original Lease Unavailable
          by Protoknight25
          You get this sometimes with some people.

          Since dematerialisation in 2002, the actual hardcopy papers are useful but not legally binding. The legal lease is whatever HM Land Registry has stored.

          If the lease is registered at HM land registry, that’ll be fine....
          23-02-2020, 08:14 AM
        • Reply to Freehold enfranchisement
          by LJP
          Whilst I agree that the long term costs of helping the developer to acquire the freehold are likely to far outweigh the benefit of the £5k sweetener being offered now, is the developer actually looking to acquire the freehold for itself?

          Shaltout refers in post 1 to an undertaking to 'sell...
          22-02-2020, 22:21 PM