Do fixtures and fittings feature on a TR1 form?

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    Do fixtures and fittings feature on a TR1 form?

    Do you need a separate document when selling a commercial lease with fixtures and fittings?

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  • Fence on either side who own's which
    Is there a golden rule, if the deeds to not specify, who owns and maintains the right or left hand side of the fencing? It's a mid terrace house, I always under the impression that the right hand side of the property was your's to maintain. I tried to look on an aerial view and there's five houses in...
    15-10-2019, 14:55 PM
  • Reply to Fence on either side who own's which
    It may not seem right, but one end of a terrace will always have responsibility for the end fence or even both fences, unless the side fences erected to separate properties are shown to be party fences in a conveyance. Some of the older paper deeds did use an inward facing "T" to identify...
    17-10-2019, 12:39 PM
  • Boundary dispute
    Hello All,

    Thanks for setting this forum up.
    I have been going through a boundary dispute since I moved into our current property a little background below:

    We moved in on the 12th of July 2016 and the following day my next door neighbor tried to moved the fence 12...
    14-10-2019, 14:06 PM
  • Reply to Boundary dispute
    Thanks Lawcrancher, I have visited Jon Maynard's website I even had the pleasure of booking an hour consultation with him, he completely agreed that my neighbour was in the wrong. I have probably read everything online about boundary disputes already. I have come across this forum today and thought...
    14-10-2019, 16:04 PM
  • Reply to Boundary dispute
    The following statements are usually true:

    · If a house owner wants to build an extension and it would be handy if the neighbour's fence was in the wrong place and could be moved towards the neighbour, the fence is in the right place and the boundary follows the fence.

    14-10-2019, 15:56 PM
  • Reply to Boundary dispute
    A line drawn at the 50% mark on the title plan with no measurements has an accuracy of a meter, Since the title plan holds no ground to demarcate the boundary line render's it useless in my case. we are disputing 3.6 meter of land between our properties where I have 2.2m and my neighbour has 1.4m. ...
    14-10-2019, 15:54 PM
  • Reply to Boundary dispute
    Did the neighbour object to the trespass of by the fence previous to your ownership? How was this dispute resolved? Whilst boundary plans are not definitive, a line drawn at the 50% mark in relation to actual structures is at the 50% mark.

    How do you actually know that the neighbour has...
    14-10-2019, 15:44 PM
  • Reply to Boundary dispute
    You might want to craftily find out when your neighbour moved in. If the fence was in its present position then, I can't see he has a leg to stand on.
    14-10-2019, 15:29 PM
  • Reply to Boundary dispute
    I thought you can't base the position of a boundary on a title plan given the general boundary rule. Surely If this is what the LR practice you can't just move a boundary based on plans alone. If what you're saying is right I can still make an adverse possession claim and claim the land with proof that...
    14-10-2019, 15:15 PM
  • Reply to Boundary dispute
    Thanks JK0, The previous owner has given me a sworn statement to support this. I know the surveyor we will appoint will be RICS and follow certain protocols....
    14-10-2019, 15:05 PM