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    Solicitors Negligence Question

    I'm read these forums for a little while and just signed up to ask a quick question. I'm not sure if this is 8n 5he right place.

    So I bought a property in 2008 and discovered that the Title to my property was defective in 2015. Basically there was a piece of land on the title of my property that was showed as us owning it. When I purchased the property I was told the Title was good and fine.

    The problem is that the property next door to us was sold in 2011. It was sold with the piece of land that was on our title. The solicitor who sold our Neighbours house is the same Solicitor as me and was the same that sold me my property in 2008.
    When our neighbours property was sold my solicor told them that they believed the title of my property was defective.
    The problem here is that my solicitor suspected my title to be defective but never told me when they found this out. I found out 4 years later when I was involved in a property dispute with my neighbour.

    I'm just wondering if someone could explain what responsibility my solicitor had to notify me that they believed my title was defective?

    Are you saying that the Land Registry plan does not match the apparent boundaries of the land you occupy? If so, is the problem that you occupy land not shown as yours on the plan or that a neighbour occupies land shown as yours on the plan?


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