Missing Freeholder and Head Lease questions

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    Missing Freeholder and Head Lease questions

    I'm hoping one of you lovely wise people will be able to offer advice.

    I own a leasehold flat and the RTM Company (of which I am a director) would like to purchase the freehold. The flat is one of 5 in a converted building. I've tried everything I can to track down the freeholder but have come to a dead end.

    Bit of history:

    Original lease created in 1892
    Freehold was purchased 1925 but subject to above lease
    Circa 1978 once building had been coverted into flats, sub leases were then granted from freeholder subject to head lease.
    1985 freehold was sold subject to head lease
    1987 - last demand for ground rent. Tried to purchase freehold at the time but company denied owning the property.
    Fast forward to today. Company that brought the freehold has since dissolved but I managed to track down the parent company. They also did a fair amount of research and came to the conclusion that they didn't own the freehold, but were merely long leaseholders and have no paperwork/records, even though the copy of the 'Conveyance of Freehold' clearly shows them on it, with the benefit of the head lease above.

    I'm kind of stuck as to what to do now. Is the only option to go via the courts to try and get the freehold?
    Also, what happens with the head lease as it's owned by a trust - not sure they even know they own it. Silly question, but do we need to buy the head lease aswell or if we own the freehold does that overwrite the owners of the head lease (i.e we can make changes to the building without their permission etc)?

    Thanks in advance.

    Send an enquiry to the legal advisor at LEASE ( www.lease-advice.org ) .

    Are you still paying ground rent to Head Lessee ? Is the Head Lessee passing the ground rent to the freeholder ?

    The Land Registry Online records for your address will show the name of freeholder and Head lessee . You can purchase a copy of the freehold title to download for £3 by credit card.


      Thanks Gordon999.
      There have been no demands for ground rent since 1987, despite efforts to track down freeholder/lessee. The land registry has no records of the freeholder either. All we have is the one conveyance that shows the freehold was sold to a company in 1985, but the company has no records of it.


        The Land Registry records for the freeholder title for your address , will show name of current title holder. You can visit the Land Registry Online website and buy and download a copy of the freehold title for £3 by credit card..

        If the title holder is a company, you can visit Companies House website and check for latest information on the company.and current registered address . If the company was dissolved the , any property would pass to bona vacantia :



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