Address wrong on Land Registry Title. A little rant. and request for empathy.

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    Address wrong on Land Registry Title. A little rant. and request for empathy.

    We are buying a property built in 1847, with some interesting history, and are somewhat frustrated by the both our own solicitor and the vendor and their solicitor.

    Since having our offer accepted, on a house with no chain, either end, it has been 16 weeks, but the last 4 weeks have been wasted.

    Shall I get to the point ?

    So we are buying number 97, High street.

    The Land Registry have it as 97-99, High Street. The plan, is JUST 97.

    There is also listed 99, High Street, and Flat, 99 High Street.

    So according to our solicitor 4 weeks ago. "It wants tidying up. It's not really a risk, because it's clear what you are buying. In acting for you and the mortgage lender, there's no issue"

    But we said, "No, the vendor needs to sort it. How long will it take?"

    Not long, no more than 2 weeks.

    So 4 weeks ago he told us the vendors solicitor was sorting it.

    It turns out as of yesterday, the vendor had been advised by his solicitor that it was trivial, and they'd leave it for us to sort out after we own it.

    Now I'm pissed off. According to our solicitor, they never told him. The last he was told, they were doing it.

    I reminded him that he promised to chase them.

    So now, yesterday he tells me the vendors solicitor have NOW agreed to sort it, and this will take just about a week.

    I got a bit "Project Manager" with him.You know: That's fine, but they lied once, get them to prove it. Ask for a screen shot, and the transaction details. And when you've got it, email me it. And if I haven't got it by tomorrow (today) I expect you to tell me let me know, what is going on.

    Please note, that I have to do project management in the day job and was trying not to micro-manage the conveyancing, as they are supposed to be the experts.

    Result. Fucking radio silence.

    So empathy please

    and anyone had experience of having a minor change to the address ? How long should it take.

    Note, I'm sure we could just exchange now, and sort it out later, but I feel like I've had the wool pulled over my eyes for 4 weeks, so I'm not inclined to do that.

    I think you should have gone with your solicitor's initial advice. If the LR plan correctly identifies what you are buying then you are home and dry. The discrepancy is best dealt with when your solicitor applies to register you as owner.


      yeah... seems to me that this is best left until after you purchase. You are relying on someone else changing details on a deed that, had you not demanded changes, you would now hold title to and be able to make yourself.


        So eventually I phoned the Estate agent and explain that I'm now being told by our solicitor that the vendors solicitor had put in this application, but I'd like proof, if that were possible.
        30 mins later she sent an email, which had an email.from.their solicitor saying it had been done on the Monday.
        so later in the day ( Tuesday) i phoned land registry and they confirmed that it had been done about 50 mins after i phoned the estste agent. Imagine that.

        And it would take 9 days.

        It took 4 days.
        Have now exchanged and completion is Friday.


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          and then would run the estimated costs freehold on lease calculator.
          And go from there.
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