Planning application - discharging conditions

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    Planning application - discharging conditions


    I am purchasing a property which my solicitor is saying the sellers solicitors need to provide responses to her query regards the discharge of planning conditions on a 7 yr old planning application
    The planning application was for the whole block of several converted former farm buildings one of which is the property I am purchasing. The current owner (seller) purchased it direct from the developer 7yrs ago & the seller does not have any information re the discharge of conditions. All other buildings in the development are occupied ok & one even changed ownership about 5 months ago

    My solicitor told me verbally it wasn’t her responsibility to find out if conditions had been discharged

    The sellers solicitor is saying that the documents are not needed to her client (seller) this was reported to me as myself & the seller are daily conversation

    Neither solicitor seems to wish to speak to each other direct & my solicitor it has been reported to me is slow at responding to the sellers solicitor & also she is very slow at responding to myself on several queries I have had & requests for updates
    The opening letter to me when I appointed her was that she was a trainee but overseen by someone more senior

    I have suggested that the four of us all speak on the telephone via conference call to resolve & then solicitors can follow it up between themselves with paperwork where necessary

    Any adivise would be appreciated

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