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    Conveyancer To Deal With Auction Property

    I've found a property at auction that I'd like to buy but am looking for someone to review the legal pack for me and deal with the purchase after the auction ends. I spoke to a couple of local solicitors who deal with property but they do not offer any services reviewing legal packs and don't seem confident they would be able to complete within the required 28 day period. Does anyone know of any conveyancers they would recommend to deal with property bought at auction?

    There are a number of them, you will have to pay a premium for it, and the pre-auction pack will cost money, but some take this off if you are successful at the auction.

    Medium sized to Large solicitors will be able to do it, you can find also some on the catalogues of the auction, but make sure they aren't the same solictors as they wont be able to serve both parties.


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      We have made an offer to a property in London and we are waiting for the mortgage to come through. However, offer has been accepted and process started. We heard the flat has some leakages so we are asking access to view the property with a plumber so he can tell the work that is needed....
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      Thank you both.

      It is a water pipe leak for one of the bathrooms. We have learned by our own means that the flat has got no running water as it has been cut off by building management as there were leaks not being fixed affecting the flats below.

      Another thing is that we feel...
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      Don't commit to anything until you have a proper evaluation of "leakages".
      You can negotiate at any point up to exchange of contracts - after that is possible but can be costly.

      As for fraud, yes, don't use email to do anything involving money.
      Ideally your solicitor...
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      Is the leak from the flat above? In which case, that would be access to someone else's property. You don't have a right of entry. Or is it a leak from the roof, in which case, it is a shared building costs (so all the neighbours needs to pay for repairs).

      If it is a water pipe leak, it...
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      Appreciate this is an age old question, but in the process of purchasing a leasehold flat and there is a dispute over the loft. I would own the upper maisonette.

      The lease states the upper flat including:
      A - The main structural walls thereof at first floor...
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      Hi Lawcruncher,

      No I haven't read it before, thank you for sending on. If I read this correctly it implies that I would own the lease. The loft is indeed only accessible from the first floor flat. The plan I have been sent on the deeds shows the start of the boundary at the start of the...
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      Have you read this thread?
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