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    I've signed up to the free property alert service from the Land Registry as a step to protect my buy-to-lets against fraud but I don't know if I should also be sending in a RQ form as well. Does anyone have any experience of this please?

    In case others have not done so here are the details for the property alert service.

    The Property Alert is a FREE service from the Land Registry that’s been set up to help prevent property fraud. Over the last 5 years alone, the Land Registry have prevented over £66 million worth of property fraud transactions, and with the addition of this latest system, this figure is set to rise significantly.



    Do consider it for your property and those in your family.

    Hi Mpppen

    You can register an RQ form for any property so long as you do not live there which is the case with BTLs.
    It is a good idea to do so and as I recollect there is no fee.


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      Thanks for advice. It is such a strange time...
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      Unless the leases require the freeholder to maintain the building without allowing them to recover the costs from leaseholders, or the building is in such a poor state of repair that repair costs are likely to be deemed irrecoverable and thus fall on the freeholder, I doubt that the value of the freehold...
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      Hi Anna

      You could try searching for desktop valuations of freehold. This service would be adequate for valuation purposes though not suitable re condition which would require a site survey. Nevertheless, speak with a company offering desktop valuations and ask them if condition impacts...
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      Thank you for the advice. We basically know the price range of the freehold, it is more to validate it as an asset and to see if the value of it will be affected by actual state of the property.
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      May I ask why you need the valuation?

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      There are lots of people who do valuations. As soon as you mention freehold - we will come back to you and they are still coming back.

      I'm really wondering if it is really worth to have it valued....
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      I am surprised but you will just have to google or check online directories for surveyors in your area. Sorry, I cannot be of more help but there are plenty of surveyors offering freehold valuations.
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