Is There a Conflict Of Interest Here?

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    Is There a Conflict Of Interest Here?

    Recently purchased an auction property and the lender I am obtaining bridging finance from requires a solicitor to represent them from their panel.

    What I wanted to know is whether it is okay for the lenders solicitor to also represent me the purchaser?

    Someone mentioned to me that there is a possible conflict of interest here and that it is not a good idea..

    However I would has thought that this would be a good thing, in terms of speeding up the entire process..

    Could someone shed some light on who is 'right?'

    No conflict, this happens a lot.


      The main point is that both purchaser and lender want the same thing: a property with a good and marketable title. A conflict of interest only arises if the lawyer finds something he does not like and the purchaser instructs him not to tell the lender. If that happens and the purchaser persists in the instruction the lawyer must cease to act.


        Thanks guys


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        • RQ Form
          I've signed up to the free property alert service from the Land Registry as a step to protect my buy-to-lets against fraud but I don't know if I should also be sending in a RQ form as well. Does anyone have any experience of this please?

          In case others have not done so here are the details...
          20-06-2019, 11:23 AM
        • Reply to RQ Form
          Hi Mpppen

          You can register an RQ form for any property so long as you do not live there which is the case with BTLs.
          It is a good idea to do so and as I recollect there is no fee.
          20-06-2019, 16:23 PM
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          I own one of 3 apartments in a building. the freehold of the property is owned / shared by the 3 apartment owners. One owner is selling his apartment and I have been asked by his conveyancer to sign the TR1 form to update the list of the freeholders. I noticed the buyer will have 2 names (presumably...
          10-06-2019, 03:21 AM
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          You're welcome.
          15-06-2019, 14:26 PM
        • Reply to Freehold transfer % question
          great stuff. I had to read it a few times to understand it. thanks v much and really appreciate it....
          15-06-2019, 12:55 PM
        • Reply to Freehold transfer % question
          When it comes to ownership of land by more than one person you have to distinguish two different things. One is the legal ownership and the other the equitable or beneficial ownership. In the case of registered land (and ignoring exceptions not relevant to this thread) the legal owners are the persons...
          14-06-2019, 20:51 PM
        • Reply to Freehold transfer % question
          thank you so much for the detailed explanation. My neighbour(seller)'s solicitor has come back and said they would add additional clauses to section 10. While I am waiting for the revised TR1, just want to understand if what you put down in section 11 is absolutely necessary or just better/more complete...
          14-06-2019, 11:42 AM
        • Reply to Freehold transfer % question

          yeah I agree. when I received the TR1 form from the seller's conveyancer, I thought it looked a bit funny (suspect it was prepared by a junor staff). After watching a vid from the land registry regarding the TR1, I realised it might not have been correctly filled in so started...
          14-06-2019, 11:25 AM
        • Reply to Freehold transfer % question
          The transfer is way off.

          Each section should be completed as follows:

          1. The title number of the freehold property

          2. The description of the freehold property

          3. -

          4. The names of all the current freeholders i.e the registered proprietors...
          13-06-2019, 10:14 AM
        • Reply to Freehold transfer % question
          I believe there should separate LR title numbers for one " leasehold title for sale flat" and one "freehold title for the entire building"

          (a) The TR1 form for transfer of leasehold title shows name of " Transferor" ( seller) and "Transferee"(buyer...
          13-06-2019, 00:42 AM