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    sale stuck on issue

    our flat sale is stuck, if anyone can read this and come up with a solution/ideas I'd be very grateful. The buyers of our flat raised a query very late in the day about skylights in the property. we own a top floor flat. there are two skylights - one inside the top floor flat we own and one in the communal stairway - the buyer wants confirmation from the freeholder that they don't object to the skylights. however, the freeholder is uncontactable - no answer to phone or emails for more than a week. Last time management agent heard from freeholder was at Christmas.
    No one knows when the skylights were installed although it was likely it was when the development was converted to flats nearly 20 years ago. I have found evidence from estate agent that they've been there for the very least 6 years. I have approached the council asking for any plans but haven't heard anything. apparently an indemnity policy would be hard to get now because the question has been asked to the freeholder. I very much do not believe that the freeholder would have any objection to the skylights,and even if she did, there would be no reasonable grounds for the objection because the communal skylight provides access to the roof of the building, and the bathroom skylight provides ventilation, i.e. the skylights are necessary. however the buyers are wanting to completely protect themselves and are insisting on hearing from the freeholder before proceeding... any suggestions to get through this situation ? many thanks

    Find a less awkward buyer. (Seriously.) You may need to instriuct a different estate agent though, as your existing one will want his commission with this buyer.


      ~If YOU can't even contact the freeholder, then no one can, and you wont be able to sell you flat.
      As without the freeholder answering questions on service charges etc - no one will want to buy.

      see and click on selling.doc


        Agree with find a less awkward buyer. However as there is an agent they can answer most questions, they could possibly give an answer on the skylights but may not wish to take on that responsibility.


          Make a visit to last known address of the freeholder with a "no-objection letter" for her to sign and offer to pay her £200 for signing.


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