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    I await my solicitors response to my final queries tomorrow, I am not expecting any more niggles now (crossed fingers!). Lawcruncher, I hear what you are saying with regards the solicitors demeanour, you're probably right.

    Just briefly returning to the point about what I should expect as a client though, I have obviously found out advice and a solution to my particular problem on here through you good people - not my solicitor. The communication streams I have had with him tend to pass through legal secretaries and responses to queries are quite short and sweet for the most part. That's great for the simple stuff and it's great when things are going smoothly. But I feel as if this problem has been left to me to research rather than receive forthcoming advice on how to proceed from my solicitor. I understand that whatever line of work a person is in they will have different levels of experience. But is this not something that an experienced conveyancing solicitor who has served many notices would pick up and advise on? Maybe my expectations are too high. A call and a chat might have gone a long way to reducing my cortisol levels!

    I'll get my brain out of gear and move onto other things - for the moment .


      Ok so the response from my solicitor is along the lines of:

      I confirm that we can serve Notice of Assignment of the Lease to (Landlord) as you suggest. The potential difficulty arises if the landlord refuses to receipt the Notice. However there is an argument that if it responds to us querying the amount of fee we send, then by simply responding the landlord has acknowledged receipt of the Notice. You, perhaps, therefore need to be prepared for some potential difficulties with the landlord on this point.

      Looks like I need to be prepared for some shenanigans if the landlord doesn't respond or receipt the notice. Ho hum, bring it on then!


        When it comes to notices, the key point is whether service of the notice can be proved, not whether the recipient confirms receipt. A file copy of a letter in a solicitor's file is pretty much evidence that the letter was sent. If the landlord comes back and argues he wants a fee, he has confirmed receipt and put the matter beyond doubt. He will also confirm receipt if the next rent demand is addressed to your mother or he otherwise addresses any communication to her by name. There is no question of the landlord refusing to "accept" the notice until a fee is paid.

        If the landlord comes back wanting a fee your solicitor should write back saying that there is no doubt whatsoever that a fee in excess of two guineas cannot be demanded and that he is instructed not to respond to any further correspondence on the matter.


          Great, thanks once again.


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            I have recently discovered a problem with the leasehold flat I live in. I purchased the flat years ago, 1 flat of a block of 4. I recently went onto Land registry to see my lease and noticed my lease on there is only 99 years, the original deed from 1978. This lease was changed by deed...
            23-05-2019, 17:07 PM
          • Reply to Deed of variation
            Register it at the Land Registry. They'l tell you what to do.
            23-05-2019, 17:36 PM
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            Hi guys, new poster here so forgive me if I get my terms mixed up!

            I have just made an offer on a ground floor flat in a block of 3. A,B and C. Sold as Share of Freehold, no company. We'll call this flat A.

            The owner of flat B died in 2015. The "residue"...
            16-05-2019, 19:45 PM
          • Reply to Absent freehold beneficiaries?
            If the Land Registry has not updated, it will be held in trust by the executors. The combination of the will and the Land Registry entry should be all that is necessary.

            Note, that they should be paying the ground rent and service charges. Once they have probate, they no longer have any...
            17-05-2019, 09:36 AM
          • Reply to Absent freehold beneficiaries?
            Is there any way to find out if this is the case (held in trust by the nephews)?

            Assuming this is the case I can't imagine they are particularly incentivised to get this sorted, they had their part of the inheritance 2 years ago....
            17-05-2019, 08:33 AM
          • Is There a Conflict Of Interest Here?
            mrs. sparkle
            Recently purchased an auction property and the lender I am obtaining bridging finance from requires a solicitor to represent them from their panel.

            What I wanted to know is whether it is okay for the lenders solicitor to also represent me the purchaser?

            Someone mentioned to...
            16-05-2019, 12:47 PM
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            mrs. sparkle
            Thanks guys
            17-05-2019, 02:46 AM
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            Yes agree with leaseholder, still held by the executors pending an agreement by all beneficiaries to sell and monies distributed equally. Getting 17 organisations to agree is going to take a while . . .
            16-05-2019, 22:07 PM
          • Reply to Absent freehold beneficiaries?
            Sounds like the executors have made a mess of this.

            I would have thought the share of the freehold and the share of the lease are still held in trust by the executors.
            16-05-2019, 21:51 PM
          • Reply to Is There a Conflict Of Interest Here?
            The main point is that both purchaser and lender want the same thing: a property with a good and marketable title. A conflict of interest only arises if the lawyer finds something he does not like and the purchaser instructs him not to tell the lender. If that happens and the purchaser persists in the...
            16-05-2019, 21:47 PM