Registering Unused and Unregistered Land - Advice Please!

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    Registering Unused and Unregistered Land - Advice Please!

    Hi I'm looking for some direction and advice please.

    My grandfather built and lived in the house that I now live in back in 1954 until he died in 2002. My parents lived here with him for over 40 years, I was born here and I officially purchased the house from my parents in 2012 and now live here with my own family.

    At the back of the garden in a small piece of oddly shaped scrub land that is too small for anyone else to use to a house, and has categorically never been used in the last 60 years. It has one large horse chestnut tree (without a TPO) that annoyingly overhangs my garden, and a few other spindly trees.

    I would now like to use this piece of land as another access into my house and to increase the size of the garden. I have just carried out a search with the land registry and it has come back as 'unregistered'. I can verify that is has also been unused since 1954.

    What do I do next if I would like to legally acquire the land? Should I spend the money on contacting a lawyer to fill out the necessary paperwork to file a 'first registration' form and get the ball rolling?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

    Have you occupied or used the land you want to own for any purpose? If so, for how long?

    Is the land you want to own fenced off from your land?

    A sketch plan showing the (a) the land you own (b) the land you wish to own and (c) the land adjoining the land you wish to own would be helpful.

    Is it your intention to cut down the tree? If so, (a) have you checked if it has a tree preservation order and (b) do you live in a conservaton area?


      Get your fences amended. Wait twelve years. Then go to a solicitor to register it.


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