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    Lender Insolvent - Help

    How do you remove a insolvent lender 1st legal charge registered at LR. The lebder is small limited company insolvent for 5 years. No staff. And no reply.

    Any ideas?

    No idea, but why ask the same stuff twice. Merge with your other thread.


      Why not answer posts you can add to rather rhan those you cant.

      NB this is not a repeat


        First it is the same scenario or a variant of it. So no it is a repeat. You are supposed to present your issue in totality not in tiny snippets in different threads.

        This forum is based on folk presenting actual problems, not legal exam questions. It will help if you reword your posts: Tell us your story and the situation you are in.

        But thanks for the sarcasm anyway. It works well here.


          I am.sorry but am not getting any value from your replies.

          Have received lots of good input from this forum

          If Im.in breach of a Forum rule please send a link to it.

          Its a.reasoanble question /point and i think you are being unreasonable. and pedaantic.


            The reality is that the assets of this insolvent lender (such assets including your house!) will have been transferred by the insolvency practitioner to another party. 5 years is a long time however. Have you _really_ not had contact or repayment requests in that period of time?

            Or are you trying to see an opportunity because the charge details at Land Registry may not have been updated?


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              The Land Registry records for the freeholder title for your address , will show name of current title holder. You can visit the Land Registry Online website and buy and download a copy of the freehold title for £3 by credit card..

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              Thanks Gordon999.
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              yeah... seems to me that this is best left until after you purchase. You are relying on someone else changing details on a deed that, had you not demanded changes, you would now hold title to and be able to make yourself.
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