loft conversion signed off but 10 year guarantee non transferable

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    loft conversion signed off but 10 year guarantee non transferable

    Hi All,
    We are close to exchanging on the sale of my house and the buyer's solicitor has noticed a clause in the 10 year guarantee for the loft conversion, that the guarantee is non transferable.
    There is 8.5 years left on the guarantee. I have spoken to the loft company who have said that is company policy. If the loft company will not agree to put the new owner's names on the guarantee, what kind of concession, if any would a buyer expect?
    I found this on the internet
    The Building Act 1993 allows action to be brought against a builder for up to 10 years from the date the work was completed. This right transfers to a new owner if the property is sold within this time.
    The buyer is aware of this law as she is a conveyancer, but would rather not have to go to court in the future. The loft is in excellent condition and there are no problems with it. It would also be covered on her house insurance as it is signed off. There is also an insurance backed warranty with the paperwork that is transferable, but this only comes into play if the loft company ceases trading
    thanks in advance for any wisdom shared

    I not yet had a builder honour his guarantee.


      haha so true JKO. The guarantee is probably meaningless whoever's name is on it


        The reason such guarantees are insurance backed is that the builder is unlikely to be there in 10 years, to sue. The reason they are tied to the original owner is probably because most people move before ten years are up :-(.


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          I think I might write to the insurers about the tree, and see how quickly it comes down then.
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