Removal of Pre-emption from Lease via Deed of Variation

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  • Mickeyyy
    Thank you Gordon999.

    Sellers solicitors has indicated a minimum of 8 weeks before process begun, now an indication given is for 3-4 weeks depended on a Land Registry workload. I was hoping that maybe someone else went through a similar experience and could share the timeline of how long it took for Land Registry to complete the registration.

    Thank you,
    Kind Regards

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  • Gordon999
    You have to ask the seller's solicitor on what is the shortest time possible to remove restriction. But you can also ring the Registration Team for the Land Registry Office serving your area and ask the same question and if any short cuts ?

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  • Removal of Pre-emption from Lease via Deed of Variation


    We are in the process of purchasing a flat which has been previously staircased to 100% by current owners. We have been informed by our solicitors that we cannot complete the purchase until the "pre-emption" provision is removed from lease by way of a Deed of Variation by current owners.This also will have to be registered in Land Registry against sellers title and the "B3 restriction" have to be removed.

    This is all a jargon to me.. sorry.

    My question is what is the process / timeline from start to completion of the removal, how long does it take on average ?

    Thank you,
    Kind regards

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