Notice of Transfer and charge for leasehold property

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    Notice of Transfer and charge for leasehold property

    Hi I was wondering whether someone could assist me in answering the following. I have been gifted a flat and am going to the land registry office to transfer it next week. I know I have to transfer the ownership of the lease with the landlord but just wanted to know whether I have to use a solicitor for this or whether I can type my own. I have all the paperwork from when my son purchased the property and have a copy of the notice that was completed which I could use as a rough guide. Is it a legal requirement to use a conveyancer for this or has anyone been in a similar situation. Thank you in advance

    You can in theory deal with both the freeholder and LR yourself - whether you have the skills to so do we couldn't comment.


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    • Freeholder won't give retrospective consent
      I was wondering whether I could get some advice on the following subject please?

      I bought a leasehold flat eight years ago. At the time I just got a basic valuation done and no survey. When I purchased the flat, it had a set of french doors already built in the main bedroom....
      07-12-2006, 16:35 PM
    • Reply to Freeholder won't give retrospective consent
      Hello all

      This is my first post on Landlord Zone though I visit often. Very much enjoy Lawcruncher’s responses (and another chap – cannot think of his name: usually find him from his profile picture).

      I would welcome answers to questions related to interpretation of one...
      19-06-2018, 11:45 AM
    • Reply to Freeholder won't give retrospective consent
      Jeffrey Shaw is available for (paid for) telephone advice. Phone him on 0114 268 7638 and briefly explain the area you need a conversation about. He will then suggest an amount, give you bank details, you pay, you then have the in depth conversation, and then he will give a summary of the conversation...
      19-06-2018, 11:17 AM
    • Possessory indemnity
      Mr Spibzi
      I’m buying a house and it’s come up that it’s a possessory title with about 3 years left before it can become absolute. Is it likely that someone with a claim will come along and it will be given over to them?

      Can you recommend an indemnity that will compensate me for the full...
      13-06-2018, 21:24 PM
    • Reply to Possessory indemnity
      If its the whole plot, then consider a structural survey.

      If he acquired this house by adverse possession it was possibly derelict before he started.

      Expect a serious reduction for this (as well as him covering the indemnity insurance)
      19-06-2018, 11:08 AM
    • Car parking query
      Our 12 flats are leasehold with each owning an equal share of freehold and an allocated car park space. Over the years, some owners have 'swapped' parking spaces (by private arrangement rather than officially). In addition, the original plans on the leases show an arrangement of spaces that is physically...
      15-06-2018, 18:51 PM
    • Reply to Car parking query
      Sounds a nightmare. Will also involve mortgagee consent, and of course freeholder consent.

      Is it really not possible to go back to the original plans?...
      19-06-2018, 11:06 AM
    • Adverse Possession- adjacent land- subj. to access
      I have been in occupation of a unregistered parcel of land in which I fenced. If the land is adjoining other land occupied by my business, and I am using the land for sole (unless invited) access to my business, is that, as well as the fencing, a sign of adverse possession?
      10-09-2008, 17:35 PM
    • Reply to Adverse Possession- adjacent land- subj. to access
      A ten year old thread..... so the clock did start (maybe) and 10 years have nearly passed........
      19-06-2018, 11:04 AM
    • Reply to Adverse Possession- adjacent land- subj. to access

      Not the case. The clock starts to run from the first moment of adverse possession....
      16-06-2018, 21:54 PM