Neighbour might have access to garage / drive through my Garden?

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    Neighbour might have access to garage / drive through my Garden?

    Hi All,

    I bought a house 6 months ago, and one of the neighbours today has said they think my other neighbour has access over my garden to get to their garage? My solicitor never mentioned anything, just worried about it being an issue in the future? Where would it say if they had access?

    The house next to me is rented out and the tenant is not bothered about walking around the other garages to get to his car / garage, he hasn't mentioned anything its another neighbour. The house was built 20 years ago, and there is a fence (on my neighbours side - attached to their side of the wall) blocking this access - the fence looks 20 years old as it matches the other fences on the estate so i don;t think anyone has ever used this access if it even exists - its blocked off.

    See attachment for more details, my garden is in yellow, the green arrow is how they normally get to the garage. The red line is where my Neighbor thinks they have access There is nothing on either of the houses title plans, both borders are solid.


    Pay £3 to the Land Registry for the title registry entry for the neighbour. It should say whether there they have any rights of way over other land. You may have to pay extra to obtain copies of the actual documents describing that right of way.

    If they appear to have one, check your own title register entry, to make sure that your provide that right of way. If not you probably need a solicitor to resolve the conflict.


      Thanks for your help. I have downloaded it, could this explain it?

      "It is hereby agreed and declared that except as provided by this
      Transfer no easement of way light or air which would or might interfere
      with or restrict the free use of the Transferor's adjoining or
      neighbouring property for building or any other purpose is included in
      the sale"
      4 (20.10.1999) The land has the benefit of the rights granted by but is
      subject to the rights reserved by the Transfer dated 24 September 1999
      referred to in the Charges Register.
      5 (20.10.1999) The Transfer dated 24 September 1999 referred to above
      contains a provision as to light or air, boundary structures and other


        You are going to need to request the transfer document mentioned in item 4.

        You could either go direct to that, or you could get the title register for your property and see if it has a more explicit statement of a right of way. Ideally, your conveyancer should have given you copies of the corresponding documents for your property.


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