Builder Refuses to fix agreed Snagging

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    Builder Refuses to fix agreed Snagging

    Before exchanging contracts on a purchase the developer agreed a snagging list. Now because he has discovered that remedies for the floor and a large leaking window will be quite expensive he has gone on radio silence. What can I do?

    Sue him/it
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      If you have the developer's agreement to do the snagging list in writing, then I agree, sue the developer or at least threaten to sue the developer. If this is a new build, some kind of NHBC guarantee may cover the cost of the works ...


        Have you in fact now exchanged?

        If not, remember either side can pull out.....


          Thank you. We have exchanged, I have a snagging list in detail, and a surveyor's report prior to purchase. The house is a complete refurbishment, but 2 problems are proving difficult for him to fix. A very large church window at the front leaks (like a sieve) when it rains hard, and the wooden floor is like a springboard in places, uneven and poorly fitted. What type of time period is acceptable for him to fix such issues (3 months)? It's been 5 so far! Any advice appreciated.


            Then its a simple case of sue him?

            Get your solicitor to write a letter (copied to his solicitor) giving 28 says to rectify the work, following which you will instruct another tradesman to undertake, and sue the seller for the cost of the same.


              Thanks for all of your help. The builder was bluffing. All problems were rectified within a couple of weeks of the builder receiving a solicitor's letter.


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