No managing agent acting on property. Leaseholder failing to provide details

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    No managing agent acting on property. Leaseholder failing to provide details

    I'm "mid" purchase on a property but the process is becoming etremely protracted.

    We are still waiting on details including:
    Service charge
    Confirmation of building insurance
    an estimate on the cost of roof & guttering repairs
    and so on.

    The issue seems to be that the leaseholder is currentlty in-between managing agents., meaning it is down to him to provide the above information, yet for soem reason, he doesn't seem to be in anyhurry to do so.

    We have had 2 responses from hi but neither offers details of the above, just comments that he is waiting on receipts and is waiting to confirm when the repair works will start.

    It has been 4 months since the offer was accepted and I secure a mortgage offer.

    My question is, is this quite common behaviour?

    Does anyone suspect foul play here?

    As far as I am aware, the seller still wants to sell but is not pressing her lawyer to press the leaseholder.

    Can anyone offer any advise or insight?


    You mean the freeholder, not the leaseholder.

    Unless there is an unusual clause in the lease, there is no legal requirement for them to reply at all.


      An attentive freeholder will know the answers to the questions you have posed even if he is in between managing agents - since any managing agent needs the freeholder's authority on all of these matters. I cannot understand your seller's laid back attitude though. As the buyer, there is not a lot you can do except press the seller to get the information to you. You could threaten that if the information is not received by x date, you will withdraw your offer.


        As above.
        If the freeholder or those acting for the freeholder cannot issue the last 3 years service charges, nor tell you the estimated costs of the next service charges, THEN PULL OUT NOW.


          Thanks everyone for your replies on the issues above. I did eventually pull out as suggested.


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