Why Do Light Industrial Unit Landlords have issues with PT Studio/ micro Gym usage?

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    Thanks island girl

    Yes its been quite frustrating...but from other gym owners some of them have had lengthy periods trying to find units that work for both sides. I had one query recently where the agent seemed really positive as another unit on the same site had just gone through change of use for dog care venue...but then came back with a no from the landlord but with no clear feedback after I asked what the concerns were.

    Retail is rarely a good fit for this type of gym. Noise would bother neighbouring shops pretty badly. Plus it has to be a ground floor unit with ceilings at least 15ft high ideally (rope climbs and pull up rigs). Olympic weightlifting requires dropping of weights from overhead onto the rubber flooring. It doesn't bode well for retail unless its standalone unit. Probably a great retail unit is a former car dealership...but the rent would be too pricey for most start ups I imagine. Ground floor units at old mills are good options if lucky to find one available.


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      I see the problem and cannot suggest much to help I am afraid. LLs being happier to pay rates on empty property than let to a new venture seems odd!
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        Parking issues.

        When a series of units are all industrial, there will be a few employees there all day and a few visitors/deliveries. The staff parks in the staff bays and the vans unload in front of the roller shutter.

        Anything where the public are coming onsite (and motor trade is a good example) will upset this balance.

        Imagine your gym area is at capacity and your class is also at capacity and find a place with a parking space for each client and staff member.

        The point about cars being dumped on verges/in other peoples spaces are valid points.

        Then we come to building alterations....


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          Have a word with the building control officer at the local council.
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