Rent arrears near end of lease and more!

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    Rent arrears near end of lease and more!

    I've got a tenant whose lease is up February 2018. Recently did a dilapidations survey with surveyor and turns out it is going to cost thousands to return the property into a good state of repair. Inside and out hasn't been touched at all since 12 years. He is also £10000 in rent arrears (part payment of rent) as he claimed he'd done repairs to the property but according to the lease he is liable for all these costs so now understands this.*

    He has agreed to make payments of a couple of hundred a month back but what about the massive costs for the repairs? I'm guessing this portion can't be claimed using CRAR, only rent?

    To me this is too smaller amount and would take forever to pay back. Quite frankly, I'm not happy renewing the lease in Feb. I'd rather he is out and I can arrange renovations and start again with a tenants.*

    Where do I stand as far as claiming this money?*

    I know if I send in bailiffs they can recover their fees and rent due but guessing not the repair costs? If this is done then his business will cease to trade as it is catering based and he will have no equipment to make money.

    If this happens then how would I go about getting the remainder? Take him to court?*

    I know that he owns his own home and possibly even one buy to let property so he does have assets. Thank you in advance.

    you cant use CRAR in relation to the dilapidations. Have you served a formal schedule of dilapidations under a section 146 Notice?

    If so, and if the tenant does not carry out the repairs; subsequent to the tenants vacating you can claim damages in the amount you reasonably expend in correcting any of the repairs required (but no alterations); assuming of course you can find the tenant. Get hold of a good solicitor specialising in property litigation at a leading firm in your region and have him formally re-serve the schedule (to be on the safe side) in such a way that the schedule complies with what is called the Protocol on Dilapidations. Your tenant will have to cough up the costs incurred by you in preparation and service of Notice and Schedule under this area of the law. Personally in view of what you say, I would then bring matters to a head over the arrears by serving, additionally,an inexpensively produced instrument on your tenant a statutory demand entitling you to petition for your tenant's bankruptcy if the arrears aren't settled in 21 days. There is no more potent weapon. Going bankrupt would result in your tenant's way of life being drastically changed. It focusses the mind. You have no doubt with a soft heart too indulgent toward your tenant. Toughen up and take the high ground; this money is due to you. If these people owe you the money do not let them *ick you around. The money is due to you. Bring out the big guns!


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    • Reply to non payment of rent
      by k brown
      ps I must add on his tenancy which is a 12 month minimum term with a 1 month notice which can be given by either side after the initial 12 month .. also he did give me verbal notice in February but has not moved out after receiving the 10k from the gov but did reconfirm in april he would bemoving...
      04-07-2020, 08:27 AM
    • non payment of rent
      by k brown
      Hi all I have a commercial tenant refusing to pay rent he is approaching 3 months arrears he is actually still trading with stock in shop and admitted hes going to continue not paying .can I have bailiffs sieze/ list goods in Liu of rent during this covid period or has the law changed ?
      03-07-2020, 10:04 AM
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      by k brown
      marine aquatic so fish tanks expensive commercial filtration system and usual pumps and accessories for retail...
      04-07-2020, 08:20 AM
    • Reply to Covid rent strike
      by Jon66
      Answering my own question, it's because it's quite expensive with no guarantee of recovering anything. Unless you know they own something of value. Like a house, in which case they probably wouldn't be renting, but might be useful in very limited circumstances.
      03-07-2020, 23:37 PM
    • Covid rent strike
      by superstardeejay
      We have a commercial tenant who stopped paying the rent in February. He says since his business is not earning a profit due to lockdown, he does not have to pay the rent, can't pay the rent and won't pay the rent. He says he is legally entitled to do this because the government have banned landlords...
      19-06-2020, 07:30 AM
    • Commercial tenant 4 months in arrears. Can I evict him?
      by leonman1
      I have a commercial tenant who owes us 4 months of rent. At one point he told me he was applying for a government grant so required a document from me stating his contract was taken out PRIOR to Covid.

      His shop has been closed for about 2 months but he has opened now. He tends to ignore...
      01-07-2020, 14:37 PM
    • Reply to Commercial tenant 4 months in arrears. Can I evict him?
      by Huntsman
      There is a moratorium on forfeiture until September. If the tenant is in arrears of 189 days worth of rent you may use CRAR to seek to recover your arrears. My advice would be to not take it personal, most landlords are not collecting rent, and that includes myself....
      03-07-2020, 21:47 PM
    • Reply to non payment of rent
      by Huntsman
      No. At one point during lock down this remedy was available if the there was 90 days rent outstanding. I advised my client to do so, and enforcement agents attended and we were able to recover the full quarters rent. The government has recently amended this so that CRAR is unavailable unless there is...
      03-07-2020, 21:42 PM
    • Reply to Covid rent strike
      by Jon66
      Yes I second issuing a statutory demand, focusses their mind. I don't know why we don't all do it when we have rent arrears over 750. Anybody know?
      02-07-2020, 10:55 AM
    • Reply to Covid rent strike
      by Logical.Lean
      Is he a sole trader or a LTD company.

      if a sole trader you may find it more fun to push through a bankruptcy order.

      if LTD you can apply for a winding up order.

      it might not get the rent arrears paid, it might not get him evicted (that might be a separate action),...
      02-07-2020, 07:48 AM