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  • comercial repairs not carried out

    Hi my name is Debbie and I am new to the group, can any body help me???
    I have been a commercial tenant for nearly 4 years and I am haveing trouble etting my landlord to carry out structural repairs to the building.
    This has been ongoing for 2 years and I have consulted a solicitor who put together a letter for me as in his opinion I was within my rights to demand these jobs carried out, I wrote letter after letter to my landlord and in the end he told me to get the work done and he would pay although he refused to put this in writing.
    one job is about £20.000 pounds and the buliders want a deposit and guarentee that he will pay and will not do it off my say so and I dont want to ask them anyway
    the gutter and facur boards need replacing as deluges of water crash down over my entrance and customers wont come in. This morning after me asking him for last 2 days to get a roofer, he told me to do it myself.
    the back outside wall is ready for collasping and needs grating out and re pointing, it is causing dampness in my toielt and smells
    the electrics are not labelled correctly and on my last enviromental health inspection they told us to get it done, but he wont/
    I want to get it all sorted as I love my little cafe but it is causing me stress and he is so rude to me, threatened to evict me if I DONT SHUT up.
    I want to take hime to court now but dont know how to go about it
    Can anyone help me

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    Hi Debbie is your lease full repairing and insuring ? are you liable for internal only? or the whole building. are there other tenants in your building ?


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      internal repairs only. yes lady lives in flat above but looking to leave due to repairs not carried out.
      Basement is very very damp and ceilings are falling down, joists are wet through and according to 5 builders I have had look at it, it needs about £20,000 pounds spending on it, the smell coming upstairs to my cafe is horrendous, I spent a Thousand pound putting up tiles in the bathroom down there but it is mouldy and wet and unusable, I had it painted, a bannister put in and cant use it evan for storage, the front shop windows are single glazed and cracked and the wooden frame is falling apart, when I took the lease it was on the understanding that all these repairs would be carried out


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        Do you have it in writing re the repairs? you could get the lady tenant to report the upper issues to the council. You must get Legal advice, it seems the LL is in breach but the only way to enforce is through a solicitor. A Couple of hundred quid on a brief, might help you resolve the issues. I wish you well


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          Thank you, I will contact a litigation solicitor


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            How long is your lease and is it outside the 1954 Landlord and Tenant Act. If for instance you have a 7 year lease, and you go to all this trouble to get the repairs done, in 3 years time the landlord could evict you and get in a new tenant at a higher rent.


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              Have a word with the building control officer at the local council.
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