Hot Water - Whose Responsibility?

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    Hot Water - Whose Responsibility?

    Hello all

    We have just begun renting a commercial property through a commercial agent.

    When we moved in, we realised that is seems there is no facility for hot water. The heating works fine and runs off electricity, but there is no switch or boiler for hot water.

    The agents occupy the unit above us, so we went to ask if there was a boiler upstairs (as some of the units share the same supply) but they told us there is no boiler, and they don't know how the water is heated.

    I am just wondering, whose responsibility it is to ensure the building has the facility to run hot water? I assumed that when you rented a commercial building, it would be equipped to run hot water, with the tenant being responsible for setting up payment of the bills.

    Could anybody tell me whether there is any responsibility for the landlord to provide this, or if it is down to us as the tenants?

    Apologies if this question is a very basic one, but I couldn't find anything on the government website!

    Many thanks in advance


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