Tenant living in his rented garage

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    Tenant living in his rented garage

    Hope someone can advise?
    We purchased a large block of garages back in Sept 15. Seller was unable to give us any contact details on one tenant, although he continued to pay rent into her a/c - £50 pcm currently. Have been trying to locate him since then, writing to his bank, leaving notes on garage etc.
    Couple of weeks ago another tenant & local resident told us someone was using one of the garages as a home. Turned out to be the 'missing' tenant. We visited & spoke to him having opened the garage after knocking & finding him there with a flashlight on his head. Denied he was living there but was very apparent that he was. He furnished us with an email address - he uses computers at local library.

    We wrote immediately after this meeting, reiterating that he could not live there & must find alternative. Got one email in return acknowledging nothing other than he would now pay rent to us rather than prev. landlady. Local residents are agitated - creepy having him hanging around with flashlight, daughter's bedroom backs onto garage complex, feeding seagulls, fire risk etc.

    We've written several times again - being ignored. Have now phoned social services, housing, environmental, Shelter, Cit. advice trying to get advice/help. Sneaking suspicion that his living in garage now we know he is there is poss. invalidating buildings insurance on block. Agencies no help - won't step in until he is evicted - he must ask for help once 'homeless'.

    I've written a letter today - notice of eviction - peaceable re-entry - won't accept anymore rent - he needs to go with his belongings. Included all the contact details of people I've spoken to that he too can speak to in order to get help. He's only just paid rent for April. I've said won't accept anything for May so he must have gone by 1st May. We will then go & padlock garage. Haven't sent this letter yet - wanted advice on if this is ok to send & are leaving ourselves open for criticism? Many thanks if anyone has advice. TeeBee

    What does the tenancy say about ending it? Have you served notice in line with tenancy?
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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