Long Leasehold - 2 x leases on the register

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    Long Leasehold - 2 x leases on the register


    I am trying to take on the remainder of a 100 year leasehold on a public house from administrators. I have recently learened that a 20 year period of the lease (2008-2028) is registered with another party at the land registry, although this person has no involvement with the pub. The propery has been let again since,although is now closed the locks have been changed and a caretaker is in operation.

    In a nutshell, the administrators are unwilling to give time to the problem and are unwilling to make the relevant case to the land registry to remove the old title, subsequently I sought an indemnity policy, which the administrators have agreed to cover, but insurance quotes have been five figure sums to underwrite the risk and administrators will not cover it.

    What is my correct course of action, given tkhat walking away is the worst case scenario?

    All help needed - Paulio

    I suggest ascertaining in whom the 20 year lease is vested and get him to sign a deed to the effect that he has abandoned the lease


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