Does change of landlord requires a new lease to be signed?

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    Does change of landlord requires a new lease to be signed?


    My case is:
    When we singed our lease the landlord in the lease was two persons - one trading as a Ltd company, the other trading as an individual (that was in October 2010). Sometime in 2011 (I think) the gentleman trading as individual send as either a simple letter with the invoice due or an e-mail (don't remember now) saying that from now on it is only him who is the landlord and all future payments are to be made to him (he changed his trading name for this purpose to John Smith Properties, before it was only John Smith). I am 100% sure there was no official notes or things.
    Should a new lease be sgined, naming the current person as landlord?
    I am asking because due to the current market I can' afford the lease anymore and wan to surrender it but the landlord won't have it (lease ends October 2015). I thought that maybe since he isn't actually the landlord on the original lease signed I can get out of it.
    I'd really appreciate some constructive input on this one.

    No new lease needs to be signed on a change of landlord. When there is a new landlord he steps into the shoes of the old one. None of the parties' rights or obligations change.

    When there is a change of landlord it is a wise precaution to ask for evidence of the change. This is best given in the form of a letter from the outgoing landlord or his lawyer authorising all future rent to be paid to the new landlord.


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