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    Wondering if I can seek advice on current issues with our tenants. We have tenants sharing a property for retail purposes, one upstairs and one downstairs shop in the property.

    They are both regularly late with rent and both had several cheques bounce last year. They are also constantly calling to complain about each other. The feuding is mostly because one is complaining about the standard of customer service the other provides and says that impacts on her business. This week apparently the bailiffs have been to try and gain access to the upstairs property. I have found out today that the tenant upstairs has also had CCTV installed to spy on the other one who is apparently bringing in competitors and meddling with her property.

    It is a major hassle for me as you can imagine and quite frankly I would rather not have any tenants than have this.

    I am not sure where I stand as a landlord and how much to get involved in their feuding. I am not sure to what level I am liable for any damage they are doing to each other's business. One has a basic rolling contract and the other a 12 month contract which is up at the end of Feb. Can I ask the one at the end of Feb to leave?

    Sorry for information overload! Help would be really appreciated.


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    Are the properties competing businesses and you let to them? If so you maybe liable - see Derogation from grant
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      Their feuding is not your concern and how they run their respective business is their choice.

      To be rid of them both, you could oppose renewal on expiry of their tenancies (assuming both inside LTA54 - if not then simply don't renew) on ground of persistent delay in payment of rent. But to oppose successfully you would have to show that you've not stood for any nonsense re late payment, you've instructed bailiffs and have made it clear whenever that late payment will not be tolerated.


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        Paid 2400 fees, 600 rent, and im going into month 3 of the business rates due to him not signing. So nearly £3600. Plus thw legal fees ive incurred.
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        What have you paid so far in total?
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        After getting ignored for 3 weeks, we have spoken to the landlord.

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        Bet you don't need to go any further than sending the letter (2 post offices, cert of posting from each just to be belt and braces in case you do have to do so). The person will surface red faced and angry as soon as he gets the letter. Just ensure he can't get the stuff in the garage until you have...
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        See Guide_to_tenants_possessions_left_at_property__LLS _.pdf

        Torts starts on page 3.
        Because you should be able to change the lock, and take possession of building for notified rent arrears, you then have possession of everything
        20-07-2017, 13:50 PM
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        Send a torts interference with goods notice to the person - find the legal wording and explain that if goods not moved by a certain date you will sell them and use the proceeds to pay unpaid rent for the garage etc. Anything left over will be returned to the tenant after all costs. Usually this makes...
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