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    I'm buying a commercial property with a flat above and my lender requires a board resolution authorising the mortgage and accepting the offer.

    I was wondering where I can find a template?

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    You don't need a template, have a general meeting with yourself and approve the matter. Speak to your accountant if you don't know how to do it.
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


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      Is there a specific text I need to use?


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        The bank actually provide me with one (Lloyds) and you just copy it onto headed paper. Ask if they have one? If not I will send you one.


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          Hech, I will send you a private message


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            Originally posted by hech123 View Post
            The bank actually provide me with one (Lloyds) and you just copy it onto headed paper. Ask if they have one? If not I will send you one.
            Sorry private messages does not work for me.

            Would you be kind enough to send me the document to my email address? My email is {Mod - no longer needed here}
            Many thanks and much appreciated.


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              Document sent, no problem


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                The limit is 4 years for unauthorised building work, unless it also violates an existing planning condition, in which case it is 10 years.

                It is 10 years for unauthorised change of use.
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                So sorry for the delay I have been away and had no internet at all.

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                Have a word with the building control officer at the local council.
                11-08-2017, 23:02 PM