Landlord wants to replace roof - have to vacate premises

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    Landlord wants to replace roof - have to vacate premises

    I run a business which has been in a rented office premises in a listed building for nearly twenty years. After cracks began appearing in the walls a survey by the landlord resulted in the need to completely replace the roof necessitating us leaving the premises for '7-8 weeks' (his estimate).

    What are my rights in terms of notice given, compensation for loss of business, costs in the move etc etc.

    I have 4 years of the lease to run and a break clause passed in 2011. Moving even temporarily is a huge upheaval and I might be better off moving to more suitable premises. The Landlord has suggested he might have somewhere for me to go.

    Am I obliged to accept his temporary accommodation or do I have grounds for finding my own accommodation or even giving notice?

    The landlord has suggested the works may commence next August or next spring. I need more concrete information to have a chance of relocating successfully in time.

    Just also check it isn’t a full repairing and insuring lease you are in and any implications of that situation.


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